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Dini Moorhouse, 1st Consultant

SuperStar Director

My Story

Born and raised in beautiful San Antonio, TX.  I'm blessed to be a mother of 6 incredible children: 3 Boys, 3 Girls, and 7 fabulous grandchildren! Wth the support of my inspiring husband, Sean, I am a successful business owner today!  Taking part in establishing Scentsy Idaho and being the very 1st Scensty Independent Consultant has taken me up and down, over and through many different roads.  As with any type of adventurous activity, there can be contusions, nicks - all mixed together with glitter and growth.  To say that I am grateful for this "adventure", would be an understatement!  Since 2004, I have been given the opportunity to have great life experiences, mature in varying areas and certainly learn WHO I AM!!!  I truly LOVE Scentsy.  Seeing the hard work pay off, seeing so many lives changed for the better because of a business opportunity brings me great joy.  I am incredibly passionate about making sure each candle lover can "have their cake and eat it, too!" with Scentsy products.  I'm all about Practicing Safe Scents - Abstaining From The Wick!!! Abstinence from candle wicks can and will save lives!!! Contact me anytime at ( - I'd be tickled to talk Scentsy with you!

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